Treks in Mongolia by Motorcycle, Jeep or Ural Sidecar

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Thirsty Horse MONGOLIA LLC

Last Update: 31st July 2014

Thirsty Horse Mongolia LLC,

Khan Uul 10, ATb 2 - 5, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.

Reception tel: (976)-9117-9244(Mongolia) / Email:

Mongolian Tourist Association Registered Company No. ITO/149

Rounded Rectangle: THM organise motorcycle treks, jeep treks, and hire vehicles for travel in Mongolia. We offer the best trail bikes from Suzuki and Honda, but also specialise in Ural sidecars and Russian Uaz jeeps. We actively promote Mongolian culture, art and music, and organise events in association with our trekking activities.

THM Channel on You Tube: Thirsty Horse Mongolia

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